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'He's A Monster' Gym Plan (Download)


Have you ever walked into your gym and seen a guy killing the weight machines and free weights to the point you had to ask another gym user 'who's that guy? He's a Monster!' That's what the gym will say of you after a good amount of time using this gym programme.

A 3-day gym split training programme to get your future wife(s) Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting and even sending out Morse Code because she gotta tell the world you're her man. Strength and size-focused programme for beginner and intermediate gym lifters looking for growth in the gym.

Written by Hanif of who has been a gym-goer since his late teens. Working in the fitness industry since 2017 helping men get the balance of fitness and nutrition right for their goals. Don’t slip on this opportunity to have a foundational gym programme you’ll be able to build upon, designed methodically and with balance so you’ll be the biggest beast on any block.