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Ramadan Health Guide (Download)


The guest has arrived, Ramadan is here and what it will bring depends on you. A month of blessings and forgiveness or a month of tiresome loss and weakness. The outcome depends on your mindset and preparedness to welcome this special guest. He will be leaving again, possibly never for you to meet again which is the way a Muslim should think regarding every moment.

In this short book, we will touch upon essential points to do with nutrition and physical activity that you can carry with you well after Ramadan and throughout the rest of your blessed life by his mercy. The food we eat, how we hydrate before and after fasting as well as our approach to exercise will empower us to increase in the worship of Allah (the most high) so take this time to prepare and have your best Ramadan yet!

26 pages
English Language
Published 1st June 2023
ISBN: 1739841514

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